Only extraordinary ingredients for a great flavor

The extraordinary does not only refer to what we use, but also to what we leave out. We use only simple ingredients, such as those that you could easily find in your kitchen (that's it!) To make an ice cream like no other. We say no to conservatives, stabilizers, dyes and palm oil. We only use natural aromas. We also ensure that our ice cream contains a low air content to ensure its creaminess. Each scoop begins its life with only four natural ingredients: cream, milk, sugar and eggs. To that later we add an incredible touch.


Häagen-Dazs uses only Bourbon vanilla pods to obtain its extract. These orchids grow in the northern coastal areas of the island of Madagascar, where the soil, climate and dense forest are ideal for vanilla production.


We take our time to find the most delicious strawberries among the hundreds of varieties that exist (six years actually). We let nature do its job before selecting and collecting only the best by hand.


When it comes to chocolate, we choose the best out there. And only the best makes Häagen-Dazs extraordinary.


To choose the caramel with the creaminess and the ideal flavor, we went with the experts and developed a very special recipe that made our hearts melt. It was creamy, subtly salty, and ... we fell in love.